Real Time Estimator

Creating Alignment Upfront

With so many different stakeholders involved in a project – the owner, the owner’s team, the construction manager, the architect, engineers, consultants and subcontractors – construction by nature is a very complex process. Not to mention there are also hundreds of thousands of components on any one project. To make a project successful, it is imperative that everyone is communicating with each other and understands the project goals at the earliest stages.

The culmination of 25 years of industry experience and our team’s collective construction expertise, BCCI Construction Company‘s Real Time Estimator (RTE) is a collaborative tool that aligns program, design and budget upfront.

Complete Confidentiality

Precise pricing can be compiled without engaging subcontractors using RTE. Not having to go out to the marketplace ensures complete confidentiality as well as cost control.

Unmatched Speed

Comprehensive estimates are turned around three times faster with RTE than with traditional budgeting methods, which shortens the amount of time required for preconstruction and ultimately saves our clients money.

Flexible Documentation

One of the most unique aspects of Real Time Estimator is that design documents are not required to begin pricing a project. Detailed budgets can be completed using a written narrative, broker’s flyer, test fit, space plan, or even a photograph.

Impeccable Accuracy

This transparent budgeting process provides the project team with increased alignment of goals. History has shown that budgets produced with RTE are within 2.5% of the final GMP.

Click here to inquire about using Real Time Estimator on your next project.


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